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The 5 Best Hiking Snacks In The World

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The 5 Best Hiking Snacks In The World

There is nothing better than being in the open air, traversing mother nature in her finest glory. The sloping trails, dense forest, and craggy rocks are satisfying to trek, and physically challenging as well. 

Whether you are on an easy 2 mile hike through a local nature preserve, strolling the Appalachian Trail, or summiting Mount Rainier, there are a few certainties.

1) You must dress the part. Clothing appropriate for the task at hand and the weather is a necessity. Ensuring the proper shoes and socks is key. Opt for moisture wicking, thicker, comfortable socks made for hiking, and depending on the path, lightweight shoes that allow your foot to fully express its musculature, or sturdy long range hiking shoes/boots to provide protection, traction, and comfort. 

2) You must know your path. Have a pre planned route and means of tracking your route(a map, compass, and other navigational tools). Planning ahead of time will give you comfort in knowing you won't get lost, and are familiar with your surroundings. For short hikes, this can be as easy as opening google maps on your phone, or following posted signs. For longer hikes, this is essential to ensure you stay on course and safe. 

3) Make sure you have enough water! Dehydration can some on quickly, and water supply can run out faster than expected. Assume 30-60 minutes per mile hiked, and generally aim for 1/2 liter of water per hour hiked. Carrying water purifies or a life straw and planning around known water sources can be very helpful


4) Bring enough sustenance! Short hikes, you can definitely get away with whatever you want to snack on or picnic with. Longer hikes, weight comes in to play(you do not want to lug a ton around). With that being said, here are the 5 BEST hiking snack in the world! 


Coming in at #5, Trail Mix! Aptly named, this combination of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and often times chocolate, packs great nutritional density and variety to help satiate you on the trail while keeping weight down. If you have some extra time, we definitely recommend making your own trail mix! BlessThisMessPlease has a terrific set of trail mix recipes to try out! 



#4 is a snack staple: Beef Jerky! Sticking to the trend of dehydrated foods, beef jerky is a powerhouse. Packed with essential protein, sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates, beef jerky often delivers on portability, taste, and function.


Another awesome snack choice on the trails is our #3,  granola bars(this all sounds typical, I know). Often made with rolled oats, a binder, fruit, nuts and chocolate, these easy to eat, light weight, carbohydrate loaded bars are a great source of energy on the (b)eaten path. Looking for something lower in carbohydrates ? Maya from Wholesome Yum has a great recipe!


Ricky Bobby once said "If you ain't first, you're last", and thankfully, that quote does not apply here because our #2 pick for the best hiking snacks in the world, pouch packed tuna and crackers! Tuna on the trail ? Whatttt ?! This combo is perfect. Providing a variety of flavor options, a satisfying salty crunch from the cracker of choice, and protein from the tuna, a combo of tuna and crackers is absurdly easy, portable, and delicious. We love to opt for the buffalo style tuna pouches and gluten free rice crackers. You can not go wrong here. 


After a long drum roll, we are at the #1 best hiking snack in the world! Crunchy, packed with high protein, low carbohydrate, ultra-light, gluten free, and extremely versatile, Snack House Foods Keto Puffs and Keto Cereal! These crave-able crisps are available in some of your favorite flavors, including Cheeseburger, BBQ, Flaming Red Hot, and Loaded Nacho. If you prefer something sweet, you can pack some Keto Cereal, with flavors like PB Cup, Fruity, or Chocolate! The best part, is that Snack House Foods Keto Puffs and Keto Cereal can be mixed with any of the above 4 options!

-Add 15 grams of high quality protein to your trail mix, and opt for your choice of sweet or savory.

-Give some extra flavor, crunch and protein to your beef jerky by adding a pouch of BBQ Keto Puffs.

-Boost your granola bar, or better yet, make your own by combining Keto Cereal with rolled oats, dried coconut, and more. If you'd like a recipe, give us an email at or keep an eye out for upcoming recipe posts! 

-Load up your tuna with some amazing Flaming Red Hot Keto Puffs and take your snack time to a new level while you refuel. 

Eat them on their own for a super light, protein packed snack that satisfies cravings. 

There you have it! The best snacks in the world for your next hike! Any way you slice it, these 5 options are amazing choices to keep you fueled and happy on your next adventure. 

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